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Meet Vicky

Vicky with Woody the skunk

From an early age I have always been captivated by animals and the natural world, with some of my fondest memories being that of simply exploring the garden, collecting creepy crawlies to get a closer look. As a child I also loved dinosaurs and naturally that led to the passion for reptiles that I have now. I started keeping snakes at the age of 16 and quickly found them to be my area of interest within herpetology. My degree in Zoology with herpetology, gained at Bangor University, only propelled this passion further and I found venom and its evolution fascinating, carrying out my dissertation on “Venom evolution and hybridisation in rattlesnakes”.

Meet Ben

Ben and Milo the parrot

Ben has always been fascinated by animals. His interest started when he joined the Young Ornithologists Club where he improved his knowledge of birds and enjoyed visiting nature reserves for bird and otter watching. During his childhood Ben had 2 pet cats and has always dreamed of owning a tiger! Ben’s favourite Zoo2U animal is Parker the Chameleon; with his elastic tongue, independently moving eyes and colour changing ability, he is amazing!

Meet Sadie

Sadie from Zoo2U with chameleon

Sadie enjoyed like many youngsters a steady stream of household pets as a child from a Budgerigar to a Russian Hamster and the all-time family favourite of Goldfish. She embarked on her first weekend job as a dog walker for the local kennels. Before the birth of her daughter Sadie and her husband had their own furry family of two rabbits called Toffee and Tigger.

These were later re-housed at the nursery her daughter attended before their own house move. Sadie continues to encourage an animal environment at home and has since rescued 3 cats from Cats Protection.

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Zoo2U are a family run business who specialise in Exotic Animal Encouters. Their values are to bring an Inspiring, Educational and Interactive experience every time through their amazing diverse animal collection

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