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It's a Hat Trick!

Zoo2U's Ben with a tenrec and Fred The Red

On a not so sunny day in June Zoo2U were invited to the Man United training complex for the 3rd year running. It was another fantastic Staff Fun Day. Each year we bring a different selection of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates for families to meet. This year the stars of the show were Andre the 6 foot boa constrictor, Milo the eclectus parrot, Chicko and Chimba our young meerkats and the ever interesting Vinegaroon!

In this impressive complex we we had 4 tables in a marquee as well as our purpose built outdoor pen for our meerkats. Throughout the day we met hundreds of animal mad families and inspired a few of the youngsters as well!

After a hat trick of wonderful Staff Fun Days, here’s to next years too!

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Blue Monday? We Have The Answer

Zoo2U Therapy

Blue Monday is approaching (generally the 3rd Monday of Jan) and is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. However Zoo2U have the answer!

Animal Therapy is a well documented practice which offers great benefits to us humas, including improved motivation, focus and attention to tasks, whilst reinforces our ability to positively change.

Being around animals behaving as nature intended is such a motivational, reinforcing experience. Over the years Zoo2U have gained a great knowledge and experience through various different enounters ranging from motivating employees, to people will illnesses which have challenged their positive thinking.

Whatever the reason, why not get in touch today and see how our amazing and varied team of animals can come and help you achieve your goals.

Furthermore we have well over one hundred 5 star reviews and a great range options to cater for all your needs.

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Zoo2U Christmas Nativity

Zoo2U Christmas Nativity

The Christmas story as told by Zoo2U!

We love to get involved with our neighbours and so took up the challenge to decorate one of the windows at our local church! Sadie and Melissa put on their creative caps and designed a Nativity scene with a twist!

Who knew that the angel Gabriel was a hoot or that Mary and Joseph were in fact meerkats, or that the shepards watched over their flock of hedgehogs and the 3 wise men travelled from afar on their trusted guinea pig steads?!!!

Oh and guess what?! All of these 'characters' were gleaned from our fabulous array of merchandise, which is all available to purchase from us at a lower price than you'd find anywhere else, including your local zoo! So if you're looking for a cute and cuddly gift for a loved one or something smaller as a perfect stocking filler, then drop us a message to arrange collection from the discovery centre, or to arrange delivery.

Cute and Cuddly Party in Weston

Neo at Meerkat Encounter Party

It was the summer and as some of our staff were taking well earned holidays is was time for me (Ben) to step in and support the fantastic Nathan at a wonderful Cute and Cuddly Birthday Party in Weston, Crewe (Cheshire). I met Nathan at the Zoo2U Discovery Centre in Alsager to pick him and the animals up. We left base in plenty of time.. with animals in the van we drive like grannies! When we arrived at our location we were met with 20 very excited children and as usual just as excited parents too. The first task was to make sure the scene was set for the animals to enter by ensuring it wasn’t too noisy. With the animals in and children and adults sat around our mat we were ready.

We have a Zoo Licence!

Zoo2U licence to Operate a Zoo

Our wonderful team have been busy little beavers recently, working tirelessly to help us prepare for our very first zoo inspection at the Discovery Centre. Lots of paper work to complete as well as maintaining and updating our animal enclosures! We are extremely proud to say that we were granted our zoo licence on 12th October 2018.

But why the excitement you may ask? Well, we take animal welfare very seriously and strive to provide our animals with the highest possible standards of care. All zoos in the UK are subject to the same inspections, no matter what shape and size they are. So you can rest assured that we are governed by the same licence that governs large zoos such as Chester! The zoo licence also states that zoos should be involved in education, research and conservation, all of which we are involved in but will now be increasing our efforts in all 3 areas.

Without a licence we were very restricted in what we could offer. To date, we have mainly been an outreach zoo, taking our animals to see you. With a zoo licence we can finally open our doors to the public for as many days as we like throughout the year. This means that our experience days have increased to include a variety of species and you can even spend a few hours finding out what its like to be a zoo keeper with our keeper experiences! We will also have several open days and educational sessions throughout 2019 so watch this space for more details!!

Haslington Meerkat Encounter

Neo at Meerkat Encounter Party

On a rainy Sunday, today's visit was to Alexandra in Haslington, Cheshire who celebrated her 7th birthday. Alex loves Meerkats, so the Meerkat Encounter Party was perfect!

Our meerkat boys Neo and Tamu went, along with some other Zoo2U exotic animals to help her celebrate. The highlights were Neo making himself at home on the sofa, while Alex took a particular liking to Anja the Greater Hedgehog Tenrec. Everyone had a great time at this magical animal party and Alex even got her own Meerkat! I wonder if she will name it after one of ours.

Animal Party time in Shavington

Winston the striped skunk at Zoo2U animal party

We've been so busy today! Not only have we had two birthday parties, we've also been to a Youth Group near-by, in Shavington, Crewe.

The first of our parties was for a young man turning 5 on Wednesday. He adored our exotic animals, especially the sweet little Bumble, our White Faced Scops Owl.

Our second party was for Hollie, who turned one. The 'Mini Cute and Cuddly' package was perfect for this little star and her friends. They were enthralled by the beasties we brought with us.

BCH - Rare Disease Day

Kookaburra at Zoo2U Rare Disease Open Day

Today we were once again visiting the Birmingham Children's Hospital. It was a very special Rare Disease Open Day put on for all of the children and their families. We at Zoo2U love this sort of event and take great pride in putting smiles on the children's faces.

We brought Skittles the Bearded Dragon, who suprised a few by just how spikey his back really is! We had Dougie the Royal Python working his charm. There was Woody the playful skunk, who shocked people by the lack of smell but rather how cute he is. Herbert the Horsfield Tortoise, who would not stop eating! The ever fluffy guinea pigs, Molly and Sally certainly received their fair share of cuddles too!

The party piece for this visit was the introduction of Milo the Eclectus Parrot and Kinta the Laughing Kookaburra. Neither of them disappointed with Milo making his presence known through the odd wolf whistle and a few polite "hello"'s. However Kinta stole the show with her laughter which never failed to make everyone else start laughing too!

Haslington Home Education Group Visit

Bumble The Owl at Haslington

We love teaching children at school so we relished the chance to pop around the corner to Haslington Village Hall (near Crewe, Cheshire) for a class of home learners. Usually we are given a topic to foucs on, which fits in with what the children are currently learning. For example, year one often learn about "Meerkat Mail" where we discuss classifcations and adaptations.

Today though, we had free reign as the children we met were from nursery up to year six. We took a range of animals including Anja the Greater Tenrec, Bumble the scops Owl and Winston the Skunk. The children learned lots of facts about the types of animal they are, their homes and what they eat. Some already knew that Anja's spikes are made of fur, that our snakes forked tongue helps him smell in two directions and even that the Scorpians had an exoskeleton!

Well done class!

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