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Why choose Zoo2U?

What to look for when choosing an Animal Encounter Company.

Zoo2U has decades of experience working with exotic animals, which means every aspect of your animal encounter is first class. However in this industry cheaper isn't always better! Read below to find out more.

Zoo2U is a trading name of Holmes Chapel Zoo Limited and is licenced to operate as a Zoo. This means they are inspected to the same standards as all UK Zoo's. This includes such large zoo's as Chester Zoo!

There are many animal encounter companies throughout the UK. Some claim to offer a lot for a little price, however there are some important questions that you should be asking when deciding who to use.

Zoo2U Buy With Confidence Certified

Does the company have the right certification?

At the very least you should expect any company in this industry to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI), risk assessments, a performing animals licence and an animal transporters licence.

Zoo2U has all of the above and more including trading standards approved certification. Please ask and they will be happy to present them to you.

Can you trust the staff? Are staff DBS checked?

We all want to know that the people we work with or invite to functions or even our homes can be trusted. A DBS check can give you peace of mind.

Zoo2U staff have all been fully DBS checked and will happily produce the certificates upon request.

What experience and qualifications do they have in this industry?

The Animal Encounter Company's industry is currently unregulated. Therefore anyone can buy exotic animals, create a company and enter the market. To ensure they have happy, healthy, well cared for animals, not to mention teach the correct facts we recommend using a company that has at least 3 years of trading and staff who have relevant qualifications and many years of experience working with exotic animals.

Zoo2U is proud to be pushing for national regulation in this sector. Melissa Mews is the owner of Zoo2U and has over 20 years experience working with exotic and domestic animals. In addition she has a BSc in animal science and an MSc in animal biology and welfare. We ensure that all members of staff are fully trained and assessed regularly to maintain the Zoo2U high standards of working, animal care and information presented.

In addition Zoo2U have been established since March 2012 and so have a wealth of experience working with exotic and domestic animals in this industry for schools, colleges, therapy, experiences, parties, fetes, fairs, media and more!

Finally there are many quick start animal encounter companies out there who attempt try to replicate the services well established companies offer. To give you further piece of mind you are using the correct, well established company, Zoo2U is a registered Trademark. This is clearly displayed on the homepage title as Zoo2U® and ensures you have found the right company.

What do others think? Can you find feedback?

Customer feedback is a great way of determining how good an animal encounter company is. Instead of only reading reviews posted by owner's on their own site, have a look at their Google, Facebook or any other sites' independant customer reviews and ratings. We recommend you look for the average review score for at least 50 reviews. Zoo2U currently has over 100 x 5 star reviews across many different independent websites.

Zoo2U are proud to share some reviews on their own website, however can also showcase many online reviews (for example: Click here for our customer Facebook reviews and click here for our customer Google reviews) to ensure you to have the confidence you deserve. They average 5 / 5 stars so you know you are spending your hard earned money on a top quality service.


Zoo2U will not tell you who to choose. However, they are passionate about what they do and the industry within which they work. It's really important that animal welfare is paramount and this foundation is a key requirement for a good animal encounter company. In addition Zoo2U are proud to have the certifications, experience and great customer service to ensure they stay true to their values... an encounter that is inspiring, educational and interactive..

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Zoo2U are a family run business who specialise in Exotic Animal Encouters. Their values are to bring an Inspiring, Educational and Interactive experience every time through their amazing diverse animal collection

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