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BCH - Rare Disease Day

Kookaburra at Zoo2U Rare Disease Open Day

Today we were once again visiting the Birmingham Children's Hospital. It was a very special Rare Disease Open Day put on for all of the children and their families. We at Zoo2U love this sort of event and take great pride in putting smiles on the children's faces.

We brought Skittles the Bearded Dragon, who suprised a few by just how spikey his back really is! We had Dougie the Royal Python working his charm. There was Woody the playful skunk, who shocked people by the lack of smell but rather how cute he is. Herbert the Horsfield Tortoise, who would not stop eating! The ever fluffy guinea pigs, Molly and Sally certainly received their fair share of cuddles too!

The party piece for this visit was the introduction of Milo the Eclectus Parrot and Kinta the Laughing Kookaburra. Neither of them disappointed with Milo making his presence known through the odd wolf whistle and a few polite "hello"'s. However Kinta stole the show with her laughter which never failed to make everyone else start laughing too!

Haslington Home Education Group Visit

Bumble The Owl at Haslington

We love teaching children at school so we relished the chance to pop around the corner to Haslington Village Hall (near Crewe, Cheshire) for a class of home learners. Usually we are given a topic to foucs on, which fits in with what the children are currently learning. For example, year one often learn about "Meerkat Mail" where we discuss classifcations and adaptations.

Today though, we had free reign as the children we met were from nursery up to year six. We took a range of animals including Anja the Greater Tenrec, Bumble the scops Owl and Winston the Skunk. The children learned lots of facts about the types of animal they are, their homes and what they eat. Some already knew that Anja's spikes are made of fur, that our snakes forked tongue helps him smell in two directions and even that the Scorpians had an exoskeleton!

Well done class!

COVID-19 Update - We are open! - 16th July 2020

Meet The Meerkats Background 1

We can finally confirm our re-opening from Weds 22nd July 2020!!! On site animal experiences will run from Sun 26th July 2020. Plus, each week from Weds to Sat we're offering pre-booked slots for you guys to come and see us between 11am and 2pm. Each slot can only be booked for one family or bubble to ensure social distancing. This will be our main source of income for now so please do come and see us!

For tickets please visit our website:

We think you will probably spend between 30 and 45 minutes at the centre because we are very small. But you will meet our cheeky Meerkats and Skunks, some Invertebrates, lots of Reptiles and some Small Mammals too. Plus a few of our birds will also be on show. Staff will be on hand for any of your questions. A one way system will be in place, we'll be disinfecting the centre throughout the day and will ask everyone to wear a facemask (if you need one these can be purchased from us at £1 each).

Entry is £2 per person with under 2's free and all proceeds will help towards the upkeep of our animal collection. Our income is still negligible, so please share and share and we hope to see you all soon 😊



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