Snake Handling Experience

Holmes Chapel Zoo Reptile

Zoo2U have created the perfect experience for all those budding snake enthusiasts who would like to learn more about handling techniques of captive snakes. You will meet specialist keepers who will competently teach you how to handle snakes, when and how to use a snake hook, caring for snakes in captivity and more! You will handle a variety of snakes, including one of our Dumeril boas, which are classed as a medium to large snake…bring your muscles!

Snakes have long been a fascination, even ancient royalty would wear them as living jewelry. We have total admiration for these amazing reptiles, they are unnecessarily persecuted worldwide through fear, even in the UK. But with education comes understanding, and from understanding grows respect. We are certain that you will leave your experience with a greater love for these cold blooded creatures than when you arrived!

Price for one person: £50

All our experiences have the option to be purchased as a gift voucher, which makes them an ideal present for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions! Through our online booking system they can be bought easily at any time of the day or night so are perfect for a last minute gift!

Please note there is a minimum age restriction of 7 years old. 7 - 11 year olds must be accompanied by an adult participant. Children over 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult participant or spectator.

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Zoo2U are a family run business who specialise in Exotic Animal Encouters. Their values are to bring an Inspiring, Educational and Interactive experience every time through their amazing diverse animal collection

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