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Animal Party Packages

Zoo2U at Intrepid Explorer Animal Party with a snake

Animal Parties with a difference

If you, or someone you know, are fascinated by exotic animals and want a really close encounter, then Zoo2U have the perfect package for you!

Zoo2U has the unique ability to bring their amazing friendly exotic animals* into your home, or venue of choice. They have a wide rang of animals including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. There are also a wide selection of exotic animal party packages available to cater for all budgets:

Mini Cute and Cuddly Animal Party - For ages 2 upwards where party goers meet 4 exotic animals. Please note: This is restricted to 30 mile radius of Zoo2U Discovery Centre
Creepy Crawly Animal Party - For ages 5 upwards where party goers meet at least 5 Zoo2U reptiles and invertebrates.
Cute and Cuddly Animal Party - For ages 4 upwards where party goers meet 5 of the smaller cuter Zoo2U exotic animals.
Avid Adventurer Animal Party - For ages 6 upwards where party goers meet 5 of the bigger Zoo2U exotic animals.
Intrepid Explorer Animal Party - For ages 7 upwards where party goers meet a variety of 7 Zoo2U exotic animals.

More information on the Zoo2U parties can be found at the bottom of this page, including options for party extras including some great gifts at great prices.

Zoo2U are also able to create bespoke animal parties to meet your requirements.

Zoo2U travel to a radius of 60 miles from their base in Alsager, Cheshire. This area covers most of the North West and Midlands as well as some areas in North Wales.

With over one hundred 5 star reviews and a great range of parties tailored for all ages, let Zoo2U visit you and provide an animal enriched educational and inspiring encounter for both children and adults alike!

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Animal Party Format

Zoo2U Bumble the Owl at home party

The typical Zoo2U animal party starts with a health and safety briefing, quickly followed by an introduction to the animals. Each session provides an encounter with the animals which is tailored to the ages of party attendees, whether small children, adults or the elderly. The sessions involve some fun, interesting facts about each animal. Each participant will also have an opportunity to interact with the animals while under close supervision of the friendly Zoo2U staff member, making this magic animal party an experience you will never forget.

Zoo2U understands how difficult it can be to inspire and educate in modern times. However with one of their excellent party packages, you will ensure everyone goes home with an amazing story to tell, having learned a huge amount about the animals and having had a great time in the process!

If you are an animal enthusiast, get in contact today to book the party to remember!

* Please note availability of animals is subject to season and health status. However we will always bring a good selection of animals.

Still not found what you are looking for? Zoo2U also offer a great range of experience days including Keeper Experience Days. To find out more about experience days click here.

Standard Party Packages


  • Mini Cute and Cuddly
  • £ 129 / 45 mins
  • Choose to meet any 4 animals from the list below
  • Reptiles Red Footed Tortoise, Sand Boa Snake
  • Mammals Guinea Pigs, Hedgehog
  • Invertebrates Stick Insect, Giant Land Snail, Giant Millipede
  • Participant Age Under 4 yrs
  • Other Please note: This is restricted to 30 mile radius of Zoo2U Discovery Centre
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  • Creepy Crawly Party
  • £ 150 / 60 mins
  • Meet all of the animals from the list below
  • Reptiles Snake
  • Reptiles Bearded Dragon / Chameleon
  • Reptiles Tortoise
  • Invertebrates At least 2 x Invertebrates
  • Participant Age 5 +
  • Other
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  • Cute and Cuddly
  • £ 170 / 60 mins
  • Meet all of the animals from the list below
  • Reptiles Horsfield Tortoise, Hognosed Snake
  • Mammals Guinea Pigs, African Pygmy Hedgehog
  • Birds Indian Scops Owl
  • Participant Age 4 +
  • Other
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Premium Party Packages


  • Avid Adventurer
  • £ 190 / 75 mins
  • Meet all of the animals from the list below
  • Reptiles Royal Python, Bearded Dragon
  • Mammals Madagascar Lesser Tenrec, Striped Skunk
  • Birds Kookaburra, Boobook Owl
  • Participant Age 6 +
  • Other
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Party At The Zoo


  • Party at the Zoo
  • £ 236 / 75 mins
  • Select your choice of 6 animals from the list below
  • Reptiles Select from our range including snakes, dragons and tortoises.
  • Mammals Select from our range including meerkats, skunks, tenrecs, guinea pigs.
  • Birds Select from our range of owls, parrots and birds of prey.
  • Participant Age 6 +
  • Max no. guests 15. We allow an additional 3 adults (spectators / supervisors). Note food and drink are not permitted during the session because the animals will be in the same room as you!
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Optional Party Extras

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